Mayfield Graves County’s Long Term Recovery group rebrands to better serve their community

Mayfield, KY – The Mayfield Graves County Long Term Recovery Group, previously known as Recover Mayfield Graves, has changed their name and rebranded their Facebook page and website to make accessing resources for their survivors easier.

Long Term Recovery Groups are a nationally used model for disaster relief because they allow the community to organize and partner together to help affected families access resources for their recovery.

Graves County’s LTRG recently partnered with Next Level Consulting, a local consulting firm to assist them with communications. Next Level recognized the large number of different organizations in the community providing resources was confusing for survivors.

“We are so grateful to have so many organizations in Graves County helping our survivors to find relief and to rebuild, but determining which organization is providing the help you need can be complicated for the survivor in a time that is already difficult. It’s important that our survivors can easily recognize this group as the primary source for a wide range of the resources they need to aid in their recovery, said Denise Thompson, owner of Next Level Consulting and Mayfield resident.

Long-term recovery groups, which are often formed across the country when natural disasters occur, are made up of faith-based, nonprofit, community-based, private sector and voluntary agencies. Their goal is to unite recovery resources with community needs to ensure that even the most vulnerable in the community recover from disaster.
LTRG’s are often active in the community for up to five years after the disaster, because

recovery is not only about the restoration of homes, businesses, and services – although they are critical. A successful recovery is also about survivors being able to rebound from their losses, and sustain their physical, social, economic and spiritual well-being.